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Nitish Kumar's party(JDU) wants four ministries in PM Modi's government

News Express: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's Janata Dal United today showed that they need four compartments in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's administration. Sources in the gathering said they are adhering to their position of 2019 - that the quantity of ecclesiastical compartments given to a BJP partner ought to be corresponding to its numbers in the Lok Sabha. 

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"The BJP has 17 MPs, as per which they ought to have five clergymen. We have 16 MPs, so four pastors ought to be made," said a gathering source in the midst of a buzz of bureau extension at the Center. 

It is this thought of relative portrayal that brought Nitish Kumar a rebuke after the 2019 triumph. The BJP central leadership hosted demonstrated that with the gathering winning larger part all alone, partners were given emblematic portrayal in the public authority, with one clerical billet each. 

Sources said Mr Kumar had contended that the recipe can't work in situations where the partner being referred to has huge commitment. Partners with far more modest commitments to the NDA triumph were getting a similar portrayal in the bureau, he hosted said highlighting Lok Janashakti Gathering and the Akali Dal as specific illustrations. 

Be that as it may, the BJP had wouldn't move and Mr Kumar had turned down the offer, avoiding the public authority since. Sources in Mr Kumar's gathering said they can possibly join when there is relative portrayal. 

This time, there was a buzz that the gathering was taking a gander at joining the public authority at the Center and senior pioneer RCP Singh's Delhi visit had set off theory.

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