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West Bengal Assembly passes resolution to create Legislative Council

Out of a sum of 265 individuals present in the Assembly, 196 MLAs casted a ballot for the goal, while 69 casted a ballot against it.
News Express: The West Bengal Legislative Assembly on Tuesday (July 6) passed a goal to make a Legislative Council in the state under Article 169 of the Constitution of India. Out of a sum of 265 individuals present in the Assembly, 196 MLAs casted a ballot for the goal, while 69 casted a ballot against it. 

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The arrangement of a Legislative Council was one of the survey guarantees that highlighted in the TMC pronouncement. Before long the get together decisions, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had endorsed the proposition. Banerjee was absent in the House during the democratic to pass the goal. 

BJP's Suvendu Adhikari gone against the goal saying it would not be appropriate monetarily and that the move was a ploy to oblige TMC pioneers in the Council.  "Vidhan Parishad isn't there in 23 states. This isn't useful for brilliant administration. TMC has lost 7-8 clergymen including Chief Minister. They are going after for indirect access section through Vidhan Parishad," Adhikari said. 

"BJP has a greater part in the parliament. Our stand is to go against this goal," he added. Despite the fact that the Assembly has passed the goal, to set up the Council, a Bill with that impact should be passed in the parliament. The part of the BJP-managed Center would get vital in such manner. 

Just six states in India have a Legislative Council - Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. Jammu and Kashmir likewise had the Upper House until the state was bifurcated into two Union Territories in 2019. 

Prominently, West Bengal used to have an Upper House which appeared in 1952. It was, notwithstanding, canceled in 1969. The state Assembly passed the goal for its abrogation on 21 March 1969. Recently, Banerjee took an agree at the BJP saying that if the Election Commission (EC) had not helped, the BJP would not have won even 30 seats. 

She further said, "I have never seen a bold PM like Narendra Modi." Taking one more agree at BJP, she talked about a portion of the significant issues in the country and said "Petroleum/diesel costs are expanding. It has crossed Rs.100. UP govt is arranging dead bodies in Ganga waterway. Those bodies are skimming and coming to West Bengal. The water has been defiled."

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