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Historic moment, Mohan Majhi Takes Oath as First BJP CM of Odisha

In a historic moment for Odisha, Mohan Majhi has taken oath as the first Chief Minister from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). This landmark event marks a significant shift in the political landscape of the state, ushering in a new era of governance and development. Majhi's ascent to this pivotal role is seen as a testament to his dedication, leadership, and the growing influence of the BJP in Odisha.

A Historic Milestone for Odisha

Mohan Majhi's inauguration as the Chief Minister represents a historic milestone for Odisha. It is the first time in the state's political history that the BJP has assumed the highest office, reflecting a major political shift. The ceremony, attended by prominent leaders, dignitaries, and enthusiastic supporters, was held with much fanfare, signifying the beginning of a new chapter for the state.

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Majhi’s Political Journey

Mohan Majhi's political journey is one of perseverance and commitment to public service. Born and raised in Odisha, Majhi's grassroots connection and deep understanding of the state's socio-economic challenges have shaped his political career. Starting as a local leader, he rose through the ranks of the BJP, earning a reputation for his integrity, hard work, and visionary leadership.

The BJP's Rise in Odisha

The rise of the BJP in Odisha is a result of strategic planning, robust campaigning, and a strong grassroots presence. Over the past few years, the party has made significant inroads in the state, appealing to diverse voter demographics. The BJP's focus on development, corruption-free governance, and empowerment of marginalized communities resonated with the electorate, culminating in a decisive victory.

Priorities and Promises

As the new Chief Minister, Mohan Majhi has outlined a comprehensive agenda aimed at transforming Odisha. Key priorities include:

  1. Economic Development: Majhi has promised to boost the state's economy through industrial growth, improved infrastructure, and investment in technology and innovation.

  2. Agricultural Reforms: Recognizing the importance of agriculture, Majhi plans to introduce reforms to support farmers, enhance productivity, and ensure fair prices for agricultural produce.

  3. Education and Healthcare: A strong advocate for human development, Majhi aims to revamp the education system and improve healthcare facilities across the state, ensuring access to quality services for all citizens.

  4. Employment Generation: Creating job opportunities, particularly for the youth, is a top priority. Majhi has proposed initiatives to promote skill development and entrepreneurship.

  5. Social Welfare: Majhi is committed to enhancing social welfare programs, focusing on the upliftment of marginalized communities, women, and children.

Challenges Ahead

While the new administration is brimming with optimism, challenges remain. Addressing the socio-economic disparities, tackling unemployment, and ensuring sustainable development are critical areas that require immediate attention. Additionally, maintaining transparency and accountability in governance will be essential to meet the expectations of the electorate.

A New Dawn for Odisha

Mohan Majhi’s swearing-in as the first BJP Chief Minister of Odisha symbolizes a new dawn for the state. His leadership is expected to bring about significant changes, fostering growth and development while ensuring that the benefits reach every corner of the state. The people of Odisha, hopeful for a brighter future, look forward to the implementation of Majhi’s visionary policies.


The oath-taking of Mohan Majhi as the Chief Minister marks a transformative moment in Odisha's political history. With a focus on development, transparency, and inclusive growth, Majhi's leadership promises to steer the state towards a prosperous future. As Odisha embarks on this new journey under BJP's governance, the nation watches with anticipation, hopeful for the positive changes that lie ahead.

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