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S1 scooters of Ola Electric sells worth over ₹1,100 crore in only 2 days

News Express: Ola Electric has completed two days of selling Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro motorcycles. the corporate said it had sold quite INR 1100 crores in barely two days. On the first day, the corporate announced that it had made the sale of over 600 crore crore which was quite what a complete of 2-wheelers were doing in someday in India. The scooter window will remain open for brand new customers and therefore the next sale are on 1 November. 

 Booking price and booking process will remain the identical. Ola chief executive Bhavish Aggarwal said, “While the primary day of purchase was never seen by us and within the automotive industry, day 2 simply continued from the top of the primary day! the keenness and enthusiasm shown by our customers for our products is usually high everywhere. "He said more, “In 2 days, we have made over 1100 crores on sale in Indian Money! This has never happened before within the automotive industry but it's one in all the very best sales per day (in price) of one product in Indian e-commerce history! We actually board digital India. 

Bhavish Aggarwal twitted, "Day 2 of EV era was even better than Day 1! Crossed ₹1100Cr in sales in 2 days! Purchase window will reopen on Nov 1 so reserve now if you haven't already.Thank you India for the love & trust. You are the revolution! Falling ₹ 1100Cr on sale in two days! the acquisition window will reopen on holy day of obligation so book now if you haven't already. many thanks India for the love and trust. you're a revolution! " He confirmed that bookings remain open at olaelectric.com which the corporate will reopen the acquisition window on All Saints' Day, 2021, at the acceptable time for Diwali. people who have already booked but didn't buy from the window that ended yesterday will be ready to buy on November 1.
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