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We can do something special in South Africa : Virat

The Bengal Express: South Africa is the final destination for the Indian Test team but captain Virat Kohli firmly believes his team can do "something special" on their upcoming Rainbow Nation tour by winning the first series there.

India will look to improve on their recent impressive overseas record when they take on South Africa in a three-match Test series, starting on December 26, under Kohli.

"We are well positioned in terms of experience, belief and confidence that in this case we can do something special and get the results we want as a team and overcome almost difficult situations to win the series," said Kohli. Wednesday.

"South Africa is another place where we have not won a series of games. So we are very encouraged to do that. And the idea is to stay there and win the series in any country we play.

"We are not thinking about winning the Test here and there and we will do everything we can as a team and make sure we continue to contribute to that," he added.

India made history by beating Australia in their place twice, and were leading England 2-1 before their UK trip was abruptly canceled earlier this year.

India have played 20 Tests in South Africa, won only three, and on their final trip in 2018, they fought hard but lost the series 1-2.

India recently beat New Zealand 1-0 in a series of two Test matches at home.

In the history of Test cricket, only three teams - England, Australia and Sri Lanka - have managed to beat South Africa on their terms.

"We can take great inspiration from that. We probably won under the most difficult circumstances of that journey. So that should give us a lot of confidence," Kohli said.

"If we have the right mindset we will be starting the series with great confidence and the belief that we can definitely withstand any challenge we face and take a big heart out of it. We will be very motivated and determined to believe more in that victory," he said.

India have in the past held on to a combination of five bowls, with the exception of seam-bowling player Hardik Pandya. But this time, they will be fully tested for their spin-bowling all over Ravindra Jadeja who has been ruled out with a hamstring injury.

Kohli said they would remember the Jadeja veteran but that would not be a "decisive factor".

“It is clear that Jadeja has been a very important player for us, taking part in all three aspects of the game which is very important especially in overseas situations, you will definitely miss him.

“But having said that, we have a level in the team so that we can make the best combination on the pitch and be in a position or place to win Test matches.

“We have created that kind of power on the bench and in a place where people come in and take the opportunity with both hands to make sure the team is helped in the way they play.

"So the way we will miss him I don't think that will be the deciding factor in this series or going forward," said the India captain.

There will be no tour match before the first Test on Boxing Day but Kohli emphasized training with a middle wicket and matchmaking.

"I think those kinds of things really help when you play under conditions that in my opinion can be a big challenge in batting because of the speed and jump given."

"Circumstances can be very difficult with swinging and jumping. We've seen that in South Africa so I'm thinking of imitating as we can understand where we hit the ball, get into good form and throw," he concluded.

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