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Kolkata Police beefs up security in city ahead of Hanuman Jayanti tomorrow

The Bengal Desk:
Kolkata police stepped up security in the city in front of Hanuman Jayanti on Thursday. This comes after violence in the state during Ram Navami in the Howrah and Hooghly districts. Although there are no reports of such incidents in Kolkata, the police want the city to remain calm in the case of Hanuman Jayanti. 

 Hanuman Jayanti At least 1,000 policemen will be deployed to maintain law and order on the streets of Kolkata. According to police sources, about six meetings are planned in Kolkata, where Hanuman pujas will be held at around 80 temples in the city. According to sources, all marches will be led by the police. Additional officers of the Kolkata Police with the rank of Inspector and Assistant Inspector will be present in each process. 

Body cameras will fit into the uniforms of all police officers on the road. In addition, all marches will be closed by the police. The source said that if necessary, barriers and defenses will be improved to prevent undesirable incidents in the city. They said that additional CCTV will be installed at 50 points throughout the city for security

As per the order of the Calcutta High Court, a division of the Central Forces was planned to operate in Calcutta to avoid any undesirable events. A separate Hanuman Jayanti is planned on Thursday at Howrah, Nimtala, Shambhunath Pandit Road and Brahmo Samaj Lane, sources said.
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